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Circuit Optimizer Project Members

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(Member Since 2012)
Observer Adempiereaddon, Bloggers, Challenge, Circuit Optimizer, E-science-library, Email-to-phone, Eodsql, Glassfish Project, Grizzly, Gui-commands, JMS Specification, JaDaRD: Java Data-Race Detector, Jdbc-dbquery, Jdbmigrate, Jisql, Jmp, Jsql, Mbox-forwarder, Mock-javamail, Net Utils Library, NetBeans Plugin for Scala, Oracle JDeveloper 3rd Party Extensions, Oracle JDeveloper Extension SDK, P2pchat, Pineapple, Plums Mail Server, Qi Analyze, Rss4tv, SMTP/POP bindings for JAX-RPC, Sibiu JUG, Sptwebmail, Sqlfactory, Squill, Tmdbc, Weaver2, Web Services Interoperability Technology, akmemobile, jcp carasen12
(Member Since 2012)
Administrator Choojun, Circuit Optimizer, Java Boot Camp, Mobile Desktop Grid, USM Extract reading
(Member Since 2013)
Observer ADF Samples, Circuit Optimizer, Cloudloop, DaliCore, Eclipse-tutorial, Email-to-phone, Embedded, Games-middleware, GlassFish Plugins for IDEs, Glassfish MBean Annotation Library, Hong Kong Java User Group, Ilabsmobiletoolbox, Iwakichat, JUGICE - Java User Group Iceland, JaDaRD: Java Data-Race Detector, Java User Meetings - a Budapest JUG, Javatools, Jdbadmin, Jmacs, Jplugin, Kcjava, Local Software Scanner, Mirror, Msrp, Net Utils Library, NetBeans Copy/Paste History, Nwsridge, OpenPTK, Parallel-junit, Progress-api, Rdc-jug, Realonline -- Placeholder, Sgs, Solaris Zones, SolidBlue, Soujava, Techdayscode, Typecast, WSDL Object Model, Xanadu-parser-core, jEazyProps - Load Properties Smartly
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