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Processing pattern: Tasks dispatched to node who leaved the cluster

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Replies: 0 - Last Post: April 05, 2014 14:01
by: Cazav
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Posted: April 05, 2014 14:01 by Cazav

I'm using Processing Pattern release 12.1.0. I've found the following issue:

1 - Two storage enabled nodes joins the processing cluster.
2 - A client (a non storage enabled node) joins the cluster and sends tasks to the cluster. They are dispathed using the round robin dispatcher.
3 - An storage enabled node leaves the cluster (the JVM is suddenly shutdown).
4 - The client continues sending tasks. These tasks are still being dispatched to all the nodes (the 2 storage enabled ones) despite having only one active.

The problem seems to be related with the taskProcessorMediatorCache not being updated on the leaving task processor so the Map<TaskProcessorMediatorKey, TaskProcessorMediator> taskProcessorMediators parameter received has the old list.

Thank you very much.

Replies: 0 - Last Post: April 05, 2014 14:01
by: Cazav
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