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Spring context not started

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Replies: 2 - Last Post: November 04, 2014 16:11
by: brianoliver
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Posted: September 21, 2013 06:36 by sdv0967

I have a coherence config where I specify path to spring context file. I start my Coherence server via DefaultCacheServer. In the logs I do see the config has been loaded and processed properly, but I don't see any line indicating that spring context has started. Even when I specify wrong file name for the context I don't see any error in the logs. How should I start coherence server and have spring context runing?

Thanks, Denis.
Posted: September 23, 2013 04:58 by sdv0967
Looks like the spring context auto-loaded only in case when there is at least one interceptor specified for some cache. When there are no interceptors context is loaded on the first call to ConfigurableCacheFactory.ensureCache(..). So, in the SpringNamespaceHandlerTests the request for beanFactory:
BeanFactory beanFactory = getFactory().getResourceRegistry().getResource(BeanFactory.class, "default");
returns null if there were no caches requested yet. Is this expected behavior?

Thanks, Denis
Posted: November 04, 2014 16:11 by brianoliver
It's currently lazy in loading contexts.

Perhaps there should be an option to eagerly start contexts after Coherence has come up?

-- Brian
Replies: 2 - Last Post: November 04, 2014 16:11
by: brianoliver
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