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[jsr236-spec users] Feedback on PR

  • From: Arun Gupta < >
  • To:
  • Subject: [jsr236-spec users] Feedback on PR
  • Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2013 11:01:43 +0100
  • Organization: Oracle

Hi Anthony,

Some feedback/questions from the latest revision of the spec ...

- If a task is submitted to a ManagedExecutor from an EJB (bean-managed transaction), does it run in EJB's transaction context ?

- Its clear that security context is propagated but seems like UserTransaction need to be explicitly started and rolled back/committed. Why this discrepancy ?

- Spec says UserTransaction is only available using JNDI. It can be injected using @Resource as well. Do you want to specify that ? Currently only JNDI look up is working though.

- says:

UserTransaction ut = ...;

This code needs to be a in try/catch block and generally would be initialized in the ctor or run method.

- ManagedTaskListener javadoc says

It can be registered with a ManagedExecutorService using the submit methods and will be invoked when the state of the Futurechanges

This interface is implemented by a task so not sure if this statement is correct. What do you think ?

- ManagedTaskListener seems to be invoking "run" method only. It seems like its not fully implemented yet ?

- ManagedTaskListener.taskDone javadoc says:

Called when a submitted task has completed running, successful or otherwise after submitted.

How does "otherwise after submitted" different from taskSubmitted ?

- I see a default ManagedScheduledExecutorService is required. I think it would be useful to have a default  ManagedExecutorService as well. What do you think ?

- May be this is already there in your draft but PR of the spec does not have much discussion about Trigger.

Anyway, I'm wondering if instead of using an interface-driven approach, should something like @Schedule be used instead ? So the spec can introduce a new annotation @ManagedSchedule which can then be specified on the task implementing or method. The semantics could stay similar to @Schedule.

I'll send more as I continue to grok!


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