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Revision: 51

Fixed bug with the escapeLlineBreak of the tiddler contents. It was breaking some javascript code (we detected it in the following line from the ForEachTiddlerPlugin - AbegoSoftware: '(/\\n/mg, "\n").replace(/\\r/mg, "\r");'... It was replacing the \\n for a real line break and breaking the javascript code...). The new TW now uses a <pre> tag enclosing the content, so the manual substitution of \n (and some other chars) is no more needed. Coral now is adapted to work properly withthe two forms (for compatibility with the already created content that we have.)
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FilenameAuthorRevisionModifiedLog Entry
httpd 1 over 7 years ago Set up initial layout.
brunopedroso 17 over 7 years ago [maven-scm] copy for tag coral-1...
brunopedroso 23 over 7 years ago [maven-scm] copy for tag coral-1...
brunopedroso 27 over 7 years ago [maven-scm] copy for tag coral-1...
This is the /tags directory of the `coral' Subversion repository.

Subdirectories of this directory are stable snapshots; they may be
named copies of particular trunk revisions, or they may be assembled
from various revisions.  Either way, a tag is generally not changed
after it is created; if it is changing, consider putting it in
/branches instead.

When a tag is no longer needed, it may be deleted.
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