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Last updated April 12, 2016 08:29, by OndrejM
= CZJUG Wiki = This is Wiki page of Czech Java User Group. JUG events are organized in several towns in Czech Republic. The main page of Czech JUG is [] (in local Czech language). == CZJUG activities == Calendar of events is on [ CZJUG info page] or on [ CZJUG Facebook] page. Most of the events are recorded and published at the [ CZJUG Youtube Channel] == Related local activities == === Podcasts === * [ CZPodcast] (audio) - very famous podcast with guests speaking on various topics related to Java, JVM and start-up scene * [ DevMinutes] (audio) - podcast with guests on various technology topics related to programming, start-up scene and digital trends * [ Kafemlejnek] (both video and audio-only) - talks with various guests from technology fields, including developers, designers, SW architects and company founders. === Meetups === * [ Y-Soft Technology Hour] - regular events organized by a local company on technology related topics related to programming (including Java and JVM ecosystem) === Conferences === * [ GeeCON Prague] - conference focused on Java and JVM based technologies, organized by community for the community. Part of a bigger network of GeeCON conferences. * [ JOpenSpace unconference] - an unconference for Czech developers
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