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Last updated January 26, 2012 13:21, by Johan Vos
[[image: LOGO-600x150-DaliCore.png|200x50px|left]] = About DaliCore The Java Enterprise Specifications and the different implementations are a great help in software development. Using implementations of the Java EE specifications, developers do not have to be experts on infrastructure areas like transactions, database integrations, threading,... but they can focus on their specific business problems. Many projects, both web-based as well as others, have a strong dependency on '''users''', '''data''', '''groups''' of users and data, interactions between them, and associated '''permissions'''. In some cases, this requires integration with existing social networks (e.g. Twitter, Facebook,...). In other cases, this requires distributed identities and authentication. DaliCore provides common code (leveraging Java EE 6) offering the functionality needed to handle user registrations, interactions, reputations, content, permission,... DaliCore starts where Java EE stops. Managing users, permissions, accounts, data is the core functionality provided by DaliCore.
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