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Last updated September 07, 2012 13:42, by erwin_lodgon


On top of Java EE

DaliCore is built on top of the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition. It leverages a number of JSR's that are part of the Java EE specification.

DaliCore contains a number of modules, that are isolated as maven projects. Modules may have dependencies on each other or on external modules.


The root module, dalicore-ejb, depends on the Java EE 6 API's. It contains a package with JPA Entities, annotated with @Entity, and a package with stateless Session beans, annotated with @Stateless

Currently, the project contains the source code for three modules: dalicore-ejb, dalicore-oauth and dalicore-social. These modules are related to each other as shown in the diagram below:


Application architecture

An application can use all modules independently. Applications that want to leverage connections to social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) will use the dalicore-social module, which in turn uses dalicore-ejb. An example architecture of an application is shown in the following image: box

End to End architecture


DaliCore Modules

At this moment, DaliCore has the following modules:

  • dalimodule-admin
  • dalimodule-blog
  • dalimodule-core
  • dalimodule-event
  • dalimodule-filemanagement
  • dalimodule-form
  • dalimodule-forum
  • dalimodule-gallery
  • dalimodule-include
  • dalimodule-location
  • dalimodule-mailing
  • dalimodule-news
  • dalimodule-user
  • dalimodule-feedparser
  • dalimodule-twitter

Some of these modules have dependencies on other modules. The core module is dalicore-ejb. It has no dependencies on any other dalicore module.

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