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Last updated January 19, 2012 07:57, by Johan Vos

DaliCore-ejb is the kernel of the DaliCore system. It contains a number of JPA @Entities and a number of @Stateless Session Beans that provide the core functionality for managing users, content, groups and permission. All entities defined in this module can be extended. The core methods on the session beans still work with extensions of the core entities, e.g.

Suppose a project defines a class MyUser that extends from com.lodgon.dalicore.entity.User

 MyUser extends user {
   private String additionalInfo;
   public void set...
   public String get...

Persisting instances of this MyUser class can be done via

 UserBean.create (User me)

where not only the fields that are on User, but also the additional fields on MyUser will be persisted.

Retrieving an extension of a User class is similar:

 UserBean.findById(int id) will return a User, or an extension of User.
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