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Last updated January 24, 2012 15:47, by erwin_lodgon
[[image: LOGO-600x150-DaliCore.png|200x50px|left]] = Documentation DaliCore is an open-source framework that is built on top of Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE 6). It adds functionality that makes it easy to manage “social” resources, i.e. users, groups, communities, permissions, content, comments, and media. DaliCore leverages the power of the Java Enterprise platform (scalability, security, persistence, transaction support, messaging,...) in order to deliver a flexible framework that offers functionality that is needed in any social networking project. The heart of the DaliCore platform consists of a set of APIs that form the building blocks for your application (a Java/JSP, PHP, JavaFX, mobile, ... client). This approach makes it possible for your application to focus on the workflow and business logic rather than worry about enterprise functionality such as scalability, data storage, transactional behavior. In short, DaliCore provides an easy way to manage: * Users * Groups * Permissions * Content * Links between the above mentioned entities. [[image: dalicore-highlevel.png]] [[image: dalicore-comparison.png]]
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