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Last updated October 03, 2012 10:30, by erwin_lodgon

Getting Started

DaliCore contains a number of modules. These modules are available as maven projects. As a consequence, DaliCore modules can easily be integrated in projects using Maven.

Source code

The source code can be found in the subversion repository. You might want to start with the dalicore-ejb module, which is the heart of the dalicore system:


The root-module is the dalicore-ejb module, containing the core entities and session beans. A simple demo-application showing how to include and use a few of the dalicore functionalities is available in the source code repository:

Maven Releases

DaliCore is available in the central maven repository using

  • groupId: com.lodgon.dalicore
  • artifactId:
    • dalicore-ejb
    • dalicore-social
    • dalicore-oauth

See for the latest released version.

Screen casts

Blog Posts

Joeri explains the OAuth example in Easy oauth using DaliCore and Glassfish (Service Consumer Part) and Easy oauth using DaliCore and Glassfish (Service Provider Part)

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