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Last updated October 03, 2012 10:30, by erwin_lodgon
[[image: LOGO-600x150-DaliCore.png|200x50px|left]] = Getting Started DaliCore contains a number of modules. These modules are available as maven projects. As a consequence, DaliCore modules can easily be integrated in projects using Maven. == Source code The source code can be found in the [ subversion repository]. You might want to start with the dalicore-ejb module, which is the heart of the dalicore system: * [ dalicore-ejb] * [ dalicore-oauth] * [ dalicore-social] == Examples The root-module is the dalicore-ejb module, containing the core entities and session beans. A simple demo-application showing how to include and use a few of the dalicore functionalities is available in the source code repository: * [ dalicore-ejb grouppermission example]. * [ dalicore-social connect simple example] == Maven Releases DaliCore is available in the central maven repository using * groupId: com.lodgon.dalicore * artifactId: ** dalicore-ejb ** dalicore-social ** dalicore-oauth See [] for the latest released version. == Screen casts * [ DaliCoreSocial demo screencast] == Blog Posts [ Joeri] explains the OAuth example in [ Easy oauth using DaliCore and Glassfish (Service Consumer Part)] and [ Easy oauth using DaliCore and Glassfish (Service Provider Part)]
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