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    Directory      RedDwarf Tutorials

    These are the original PDS/RedDwarf Server and Client tutorials. They were dropped from the distros after 0.9.9.
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    8 months ago
    File      New Trunk Project

    Added a new project under the trunk that includes the DarkStar files for simple one-step check out.
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    10 months ago 4.7 KB 73
    File      Old SGS Chat Redux

    Chat room example project converted to NetBeans.
    This is also in svn / trunk / NetBeans / ZMUchat / ZMUchatNB / devLogs
    Use SVN to get the project.
    Tags: sgs chat darkstar reddwarf
    10 months ago 11.6 KB 44
    File      SGS-Tank Demo Project

    The old sgs-tank demo upgraded to RedDwarf 0.10.2 and NetBeans IDE. About as simple a multiplayer game with chat and multiple game areas as you can get. 99% complete (i.e. a few bugs, but playable).
    Tags: sgs-tank reddwarf pds darkstar
    7 months ago 3.4 KB 30
    File      ZMUohMy_redux.rtf

    A detailed log of getting the project and running the server locally in Windows 7 using NetBeans.
    Tags: reddwarf
    almost 2 years ago 19 KB 23
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