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Database ER diagram viewer

Service diagram is described in the Standard manual. The program allows you to save the positions of tables, table visibility and relationships.


Database ER diagram viewer as a plugin to Netbeans IDE

The program is available as a plugin for Netbeans . To use it, you have to download it and install it using the tools / plugins / downloaded. You should add all three files. Next, add a new project file with the extension dbvis. It can be found in the other / persistence.

After that you will see a drop-down of the Netbeans open databases. When you select one of these a related connection will be used to open E-R schema.

In addition, plugin offers easy to save changes to the file by integrating with keyboard shortcuts of Netbeans.

(youtube tutorial) watch Netbeans version instalation video

(youtube tutorial) watch Netbeans version establish db connection video

Database ER diagram viewer as a standalone program

Load jars and run.


In order to connect to the database, select the database type, connection setup, complete the fields and press read DB. When you load the database information we can provide you with the saved settings file (positions tables, visibility relationship). Select the file in the dialog box shown when you press the read DB. If you do not select any file, it will only load the database (all tables and relationships will be visible).

Connection Setup

To set up an connection to the database, select the database type, and complete the fields:

  • host - address database and the database name as host: port / database name. If the database name is not specified, it will use the default name for the database.
  • schema - the name of the database schema
  • login
  • password

Save the file

To save press the button save DB, select the file and confirm. Schema data will be stored in an XML file.

(youtube tutorial) watch standalone version instalation tutorial video

(youtube tutorial) watch standalone version establish db connection video

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