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Last updated August 15, 2012 10:48, by Emeric Vernat

Dead Code Detector

If you are a developer or a team leader, Dead Code Detector (DCD) simply finds never used code in your Java/JEE applications. Deleting dead code helps to reduce cost of maintenance and to improve quality of code, and as a side effect it improves code coverage metrics of tests by deleting code that can't be tested.

Provide a directory of compiled classes, a jar or a war file in the UI and DCD lists suspects of dead code. Dead code found can be private, package-private and even protected or public. Unread local variables, self assignments, toString on String and useless initializations are also detected. Please remember that dead code found by DCD is just suspects. DCD can not detect that reflection or other is used: ask to people who know your application and don't complain if you don't. You can read the usage manual to know how to launch and use DCD or check the FAQ if you have questions.

The search is very fast (2000 classes/s on warm files) and made by static analysis of compiled classes without running the application or loading classes. DCD uses the library ASM (licence open source, BSD) from ObjectWeb/OW2 to do the job.

Feedback is welcome. Please report successes, problems or bugs such as false positives in the Issue tracker or by email at evernat at

DCD is pronounced "décédé" in French which means "deceased" in English.

Usage manual

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