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Last updated July 22, 2011 11:32, by Jean-Michel Tanguy

Diapason RCP

Diapason RCP is an initiative inspired by JSR 296. It is targeting to provide an easy way for developers to reuse quickly common features expected in desktop applications: ribbon, docking, actions, internationalization, splash screen, ...



Bring modern GUI to end user (Ribbon, Docking…) wrapping open source projects: JRibbon, DockingFrames…

Increase productivity of developers by limiting the amount of required coding (No extra XML coding). The RCP configuration relies on runtime Annotations.

Modular approach

The root of the RCP is a container acting as a module system managing injections and dependencies. It cannot be compared to any OSGi implementation and this is not the goal. The module system is a convenient way to register objects and make them available in other modules using the class name only. The extra-coding for instantiation and dependencies is transferred to the container.


Built-in modules

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