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[el-spec users] [jsr341-experts] Status update

  • From: Kin-man Chung <kinman.chung@...>
  • To: jsr341-experts@...
  • Subject: [el-spec users] [jsr341-experts] Status update
  • Date: Fri, 06 Jan 2012 13:51:33 -0800
  • List-id: <>

Dear experts,

Happy new year!  Hope you all had a nice and restful holidays!

I've finally completed documenting the Linq operators in

except the examples, which will be added later when tests are written. I've also finished coding the implementations for these operators, phew! Most of classes are simple, but there are over 40 of them!

I mentioned before that we have to give up the comma operator to allow for simpler syntax for the Lambda expression. So instead we have the semi-colon operator now. :-) See

We've added lots of new features to EL 3.0 and I plan to start editing the spec with what we have now. The plan is to publish an early draft in March or April. If all goes well, we should have the propose final draft end of summer.

We should also spend some time fixing issues on the previous spec. I've collected a list over the years and we can start with that. But if you have anything that you want fixed, please let me know, so I can add them to the list.


[el-spec users] [jsr341-experts] Status update

Kin-man Chung 01/06/2012
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