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    File      EMSMonster v0.5 - SAMPLE.cfg

    EMSMonster sample cfg file
    Tags: emsmonster configuration file
    about 3 years ago 380 Bytes 100
    File      EMSMonster v0.6 SAMPLE cfg file

    sample configurations file for how to use embed html links in metadata (comment column) for queues.
    Tags: ems tibco tool
    about 3 years ago 424 Bytes 81
    File      EMSMonster.cfg

    Configuration file for EMSMonster
    Tags: config file
    over 3 years ago 871 Bytes 198
    File      EMSMonster_v0.1.jar

    Simple GUI for viewing consumer and connection details to TIBCO EMS server(s)
    Tags: tibco ems gui java swing tool
    over 3 years ago 6.7 MB 107
    File      EMSMonster_v0.2.jar

    Added column for User in the Consumers tab, added Sessions per host tab. Bug fixes.
    Tags: ems jms tibco
    over 3 years ago 6.9 MB 40
    File      EMSMonster_v0.5.jar

    Simple tool for analysing TIBCO EMS details.
    Tags: tibco ems java swing
    about 3 years ago 6.8 MB 45
    File      EMSMonster_v0.6.jar

    Added clickable link feature for comment column
    Tags: ems tibco java swing tool
    about 3 years ago 6.9 MB 34
    File      EMSMonster_v0.7.jar

    Added view user and group acl popup menu in the ems servers tab.
    Tags: ems tibco tool
    about 3 years ago 7 MB 119
showing 1 - 8 of 8
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