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This revision made November 16, 2010 06:44, by Vladimir Zhukov

Utils for JavaServer Faces

Emsoft-jsf-utils is an open source utils library for JavaServer Faces. Support JSF 2.0. Required Java 1.6+. Contains helper, CustomDateTimeConverter, JodaTimeConverter, ErrorController for exception controlling and other. For full detail see api doc or sources.

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= =Utils for JavaUtils for JSFServer Wiki Faces= Th'''Emsoft-jsf-utils'''is is th is an opene d sourcefa ulutilst h library fomr JavaServere p Fagces.e f Supportor yo JSF 2.0. Requiredur pr Java 1.6+. Cojecnt'ains wiki. Thiss helper, wiki CustomDatuses MeTimConverter, JoediawdaTikimeConverter, ErrorController formafor exception conrolling and othertting. . For full detail see api doc or sources.
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