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svn / tags / fighterfish-releases / org.glassfish.fighterfish.osgi-http-1.0.6 / RELEASENOTE.txt

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This file contains list of bugs and features that are part of a particular release.

Version 1.0.6
GLASSFISH-18833: [osgi/http] Avoid use of deprecated HK2 API
GLASSFISH-18842: Extenders are stopped with invalid bundle context

Version 1.0.5
GLASSFISH-18492: [osgi/http] InitParams for Servlets installed via OSGi using HttpService are not 
correctly processed by web container

Version 1.0.4
GLASSFISH-16880: NPE in Activator.stop() if start() has failed

Version 1.0.3
GLASSFISH-16764: request.getSession().getServletContext() should return the same OSGiServletContext 
that's used during setAttrbute().

Version 1.0.2
GLASSFISH-16761: Make osg-http use lazy activation policy

Version 1.0.1
GLASSFISH-16538: Switch to using Grizzly API reflectively to be able to use in both Grizzly 1.9 and 2.0.

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