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   <title>JAXR Samples</title>

<font color="#000099">
Java<sup><font size=-2>TM</font></sup> API for XML Registries (JAXR)<br>
Sample Applications</font></h1>

<b>Specification Version:</b> 1.0<br>
<b>Reference Implementation (RI) Version:</b> 1.0.6

<p>This example, in the directory 
shows how to use the JAXR APIs to publish information about an organization 
to a registry, including information about services provided
by the organization and contact information.</p>
<p>The example also illustrates how to classify registry entries using
well-known classification schemes like the North American Industry Classification
System (NAICS) and standard identifiers like the Dun &amp; Bradstreet DUNS
<p>See the file <a href="../samples/jaxr-publish/README.txt">README.txt</a> 
for details on running this example.</p>

<p>This example, in the directory 
<tt>/jaxr-ri/samples/jaxr-query</tt>, shows how to use 
the JAXR APIs to query a registry for data -- specifically, how to query for an 
organization by name. The example also illustrates how to parse the retrieved 
information for details about the organization and the services it provides.</p>
<p>See the file <a href="../samples/jaxr-query/README.txt">README.txt</a> 
for details on running this example.</p>

<p>This is a more sophisticated example showing how to use the JAXR APIs to
provide a common interface to heterogeneous registries. The registry interactions
using the JAXR APIs are all illustrated in the <tt>JAXRClient</tt> source
code. The example is in the directory 
<p>See the file <a href="../samples/jaxr-browser/README.txt">README.txt</a> 
for details on running this example.</p>

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