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Revision: 57029

GLASSFISH-18987 Remove call to getService in critical path
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svn / tags / source-build-3.1.1 / scripts / javax-servlet.xml

Size: 702 bytes, 1 line
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>

<project name="build" default="build" basedir="..">

    <!-- import build.xml for init target and inherited properties -->
    <import file="${basedir}/build.xml"/>

    <condition property="isServlet3" value="true">
	<contains string="${javax.servlet-api.version}" substring="3."/>

    <target name="checkout" depends="init,check.svn" if="isServlet3" unless="skipCheckout">
        <svn.checkout repo="${javax.servlet-api.svn.url}" dest="javax.servlet-api"/>
    <target name="build" depends="checkout" if="isServlet3">
        <mvn.install dir="${glassfish.external.dir}/javax.servlet-api"/>
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