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Fix for issue #17322 - Allow GlassFish to be built with Maven3. Ran QL (GP)
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  This module is meant to serve as the example of how to add additional files to the GlassFish distribution.

    <name>GlassFish EJB timer app database init scripts</name>
      This packaging specifies that it's a package that contains files to be added to
      the distribution.

      In this packaging mode, the build will produce a jar, like it normally does for
      the <packaging>jar</packaging>, but the contents of this jar is then extracted
      when the final GlassFish distribution is assembled. (But when this happens,
      META-INF/** in the jar will be ignored.)

      For a fragment to be added to the distribution, the distribution POM needs
      to directly or indirectly depend on the fragment module. This is normally
      done by creating a feature-level grouping POM (which allows you to bundle multiple
      modules and treat it as a single dependency - see the webtier-all module for example),
      and have that declare a dependency on the fragment, instead of directly
      modifying the distribution POM.

      So the idea here is that individual technology area will create their own
      fragments that contain pieces that they need, and when the said technology
      is bundled in GF, the corresponding fragment will be also added, thanks to
      the transitive dependency handling in Maven.

         In this module, all the files are statically stored as-is in the Subversion repository,
         so the simple copying from src/main/resources to target/classes that Maven does by default
         is suffice.

         But in more complex scenario, one can use maven-antrun-extended-plugin and use a series of Ant tasks
         to perform processing on resources, such as token replacement, file generation, pre-processing, etc.

         The following section shows how you can do this.
                                <!-- place the ejb timer app jar into the location -->
                                <resolveArtifact artifactId="ejb-timer-service-app"

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