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Revision: 23148
Modified: 30 Sep 23:46 (8 years)
Author: Mitesh Meswani
Log Entry: Temp fix for issue 5493 for persistence. Working around setting the property from code so that it is transperant to end user as suggested by Jerome.
Revision: 22906
Modified: 23 Sep 23:13 (8 years)
Author: dochez
Log Entry: Added ability to specify deployment properties on the CLI or REST access to pass to individual deployers
Revision: 22649
Modified: 13 Sep 00:09 (8 years)
Author: Mitesh Meswani
Log Entry: Move to 1.0.1
Revision: 22604
Modified: 12 Sep 01:28 (8 years)
Author: Mitesh Meswani
Log Entry: Avoid including eclipselink-wrapper.jar in distribution. Changed the type of the prokect to pom for that. Also renamed eclipse.version to eclipselink.version. Moved the property to eclipselink-wrapper pom. Reviewed by Harsh. Tests run - building in a clean workspace against a clean local repo and running quicklook against it
Revision: 22548
Modified: 10 Sep 23:39 (8 years)
Author: raih
Log Entry: Fix for the following issue tracker issues:
Revision: 22531
Modified: 10 Sep 19:09 (8 years)
Author: carlavmott
Log Entry: Add logger changes per Jeromes email (see extracted content below). This change also fixes bug 5455.
Revision: 22301
Modified: 02 Sep 23:30 (8 years)
Author: dochez
Log Entry: changed ClassLoader allocation, we used to flush the class loaders after the round of sniffers
Revision: 22178
Modified: 27 Aug 21:29 (8 years)
Author: Mitesh Meswani
Log Entry: Update to 1.0.1-M2
Revision: 22131
Modified: 26 Aug 21:50 (8 years)
Author: Sahoo
Log Entry: Configure maven-bundle-plugin in parent POM.
Revision: 22115
Modified: 26 Aug 04:01 (8 years)
Author: dochez
Log Entry: changed deployment back end to offer final and temp classloaders APIs rather than rely
showing 11 - 20 of 65
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