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Revision: 26670
Modified: 28 Apr 19:02 (6 years)
Author: llc
Log Entry: fixes 7949
Revision: 26662
Modified: 28 Apr 16:18 (6 years)
Author: carlavmott
Log Entry: move lock to include entire method when creating logger. Workaround for deadlock problem because JDK bug (6487638) fix is not yet available on Mac.
Revision: 26661
Modified: 28 Apr 15:52 (6 years)
Author: llc
Log Entry: fixed:
Revision: 26660
Modified: 28 Apr 13:38 (6 years)
Author: hzhang_jn
Log Entry: Expose both properties and property as parameters in DeployCommand so we
Revision: 26648
Modified: 27 Apr 19:24 (6 years)
Author: llc
Log Entry: AMX fixes (many), required by Anissa for GUI support.
Revision: 26643
Modified: 27 Apr 18:13 (6 years)
Author: Mitesh Meswani
Log Entry: Pulling in EclipseLink 2.0.0-M2. Adjusted wrapper code for changes to javax.persitence apis. Moved dependency metadata to top level pom.
Revision: 26632
Modified: 26 Apr 09:06 (6 years)
Author: bnevins
Log Entry: Significant Changes. Now there is no watchdog. The server itself arranges for its own restart unless the server
Revision: 26630
Modified: 25 Apr 19:03 (6 years)
Author: bnevins
Log Entry: Fixed a fat unreported bug. If OSGi is running and if the caller to LocalStrings is in a different
Revision: 26627
Modified: 25 Apr 05:42 (6 years)
Author: dochez
Log Entry: added support for JPA module at the ear file level
Revision: 26576
Modified: 23 Apr 05:02 (6 years)
Author: bnevins
Log Entry: There wer references to files that are only in my machine in the class. Removed the class...
showing 11 - 20 of 885
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