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svn / tags / 3.1-b20 / cluster

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Revision: 40843
Modified: 14 Sep 21:19 (4 years)
Author: Rajiv Mordani
Log Entry: Remove unused code
Revision: 40839
Modified: 14 Sep 20:57 (4 years)
Author: Rajiv Mordani
Log Entry: Change permissions using sftp and use jar instead of unzip on the remote system
Revision: 40834
Modified: 14 Sep 19:36 (4 years)
Author: Bill Shannon
Log Entry: Rework the way the arguments necessary to restart the server are handled.
Revision: 40825
Modified: 14 Sep 16:55 (4 years)
Author: Tom Mueller
Log Entry: Corrected spelling mistake.
Revision: 40823
Modified: 14 Sep 15:57 (4 years)
Author: Bobby Bissett
Log Entry: Added --timetolive option to be passed to mcast validator code for the multicast socket. This option won't work until the next Shoal promotion and integration, but it won't affect anything if you don't use it either. Reviewed by Joe.
Revision: 40820
Modified: 14 Sep 14:41 (4 years)
Author: Joe Fialli
Log Entry: Update code that is only run when ALIVEANDREADY_LOGGING property enabled(property for testing purposes only) to
Revision: 40816
Modified: 14 Sep 13:30 (4 years)
Author: yaminikb
Log Entry: -Enhanced the passphrase prompt message.
Revision: 40804
Modified: 14 Sep 08:26 (4 years)
Author: Rajiv Mordani
Log Entry: More detailed output if ssh fails
Revision: 40803
Modified: 14 Sep 08:23 (4 years)
Author: Rajiv Mordani
Log Entry: InstallNodeCommand. Ran QL
Revision: 40798
Modified: 14 Sep 06:07 (4 years)
Author: janey
Log Entry: Set svn property svn:eol-style to files in v3
showing 11 - 20 of 439
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