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Revision: 42755
Modified: 12 Nov 01:11 (6 years)
Author: mvatkina
Log Entry: More fixes for IT 13321: certain error conditions should cause RollbackException on commit and no exception on rollback.
Revision: 42744
Modified: 11 Nov 21:10 (6 years)
Author: kcavanaugh
Log Entry: Fixes for:
Revision: 42729
Modified: 11 Nov 07:27 (6 years)
Author: mvatkina
Log Entry: Partial fix for IT 13321 - propagate XAException.XA_HEURMIX from commit_one_phase to be rethrown as HeuristicMixedException.
Revision: 42526
Modified: 06 Nov 00:22 (6 years)
Author: mvatkina
Log Entry: Updated javadoc with the name of the property
Revision: 42525
Modified: 05 Nov 22:00 (6 years)
Author: mvatkina
Log Entry: Added synchronization for recovery part of the event (because GMS sends 2 events to IN3 if IN2 fails during event processing). Added more logging.
Revision: 42478
Modified: 05 Nov 03:31 (6 years)
Author: mvatkina
Log Entry: Add an option to sleep during recovery: transaction-service property "add-wait-point-during-recovery" should be set to seconds of wait time. FailureInducer will print message 'JTS5057: FailPoint : [RECOVERY]'
Revision: 42287
Modified: 29 Oct 02:51 (6 years)
Author: mvatkina
Log Entry: Set initial value for "purge-cancelled-transactions-after" and process null correctly
Revision: 42286
Modified: 29 Oct 02:32 (6 years)
Author: mvatkina
Log Entry: Fix for 12177 - added "purge-cancelled-transactions-after" property in transaction-service config, that if set to a positive value, results in call to timer.purge() after that many created tasks.
Revision: 42187
Modified: 27 Oct 05:14 (6 years)
Author: dochez
Log Entry: IT 13108 : broke cyclic dependency by spawning a thread that will automatically wait for
Revision: 42169
Modified: 26 Oct 19:30 (6 years)
Author: paul_parkinson
Log Entry: ws-at integration via RecoveryResourceHandler register
showing 11 - 20 of 220
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