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svn / tags / 3.1-b40 / persistence

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Revision: 43763
Modified: 13 Dec 06:27 (6 years)
Author: Mitesh Meswani
Log Entry: -Unconditionally create EMFs on DAS for java2db if it is deploy. We will close this EMF in APPLICATION_PREPARED after java2db if (target!= DAS || enable=false)
Revision: 43696
Modified: 10 Dec 23:52 (6 years)
Author: gmurr
Log Entry: fix for issue 15089
Revision: 43562
Modified: 08 Dec 07:07 (6 years)
Author: janey
Log Entry: Set svn property svn:eol-style to files in v3
Revision: 43556
Modified: 08 Dec 02:50 (6 years)
Author: Mitesh Meswani
Log Entry: -Ignore APPLICATION_PREPARED event on DAS for create-application-ref.
Revision: 43235
Modified: 30 Nov 22:54 (6 years)
Author: Mitesh Meswani
Log Entry: Fix for issue 14840. Look for data source based on transaction type
Revision: 42661
Modified: 10 Nov 02:38 (6 years)
Author: Sahoo
Log Entry: Verifier is now working on both Windows and Unix after switching to using new embedded api. These are the issues fixed:
Revision: 42384
Modified: 02 Nov 16:10 (6 years)
Author: hzhang_jn
Log Entry: Issue 13710. Provided support from deployment framework. Send an
Revision: 42309
Modified: 29 Oct 19:06 (6 years)
Author: Mitesh Meswani
Log Entry: Switch to using PERSISTENCE_LOGGER
Revision: 42307
Modified: 29 Oct 19:03 (6 years)
Author: Mitesh Meswani
Log Entry: Defaulting of datasource name is now done using domain.xml in embedded-all (see r42300) . Remove dead code for defaulting.
Revision: 42300
Modified: 29 Oct 18:19 (6 years)
Author: bhavanishankar
Log Entry: Embedded GlassFish' domain.xml should have embedded datasource pre-configured instead of JPADeployer trying to figure out that the server is running in embedded mode & creating the appropriate DB configurations.
showing 11 - 20 of 226
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