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Revision: 25076
Modified: 04 Mar 02:30 (6 years)
Author: jluehe
Log Entry: Made the sequence of exception-type and error-code inside error-page optional, in order to support default error pages
Revision: 25073
Modified: 04 Mar 02:00 (6 years)
Author: jluehe
Log Entry: Added uniqueness constraints for error pages as mentioned in the spec
Revision: 25065
Modified: 03 Mar 22:10 (6 years)
Author: tjquinn
Log Entry: Additions and changes to infrastructure, admin CLI client classes, and server-side admin adapter to greatly simplify uploading and downloading using the http request and response payloads. See the Javadoc on the new Payload interface in common/glassfish-api as a starting point. The new approach is used in handling uploads for deployment and redeployment and will be used shortly for supporting app client downloads.
Revision: 25053
Modified: 02 Mar 23:15 (6 years)
Author: Shing Wai Chan
Log Entry: add enabled to servlet
Revision: 25052
Modified: 02 Mar 23:13 (6 years)
Author: Shing Wai Chan
Log Entry: remove the unnecessary boxing and unboxing
Revision: 25051
Modified: 02 Mar 23:13 (6 years)
Author: Shing Wai Chan
Log Entry: fix the invalidity of the schema
Revision: 25048
Modified: 02 Mar 21:18 (6 years)
Author: jluehe
Log Entry: Changed javaee:generic-booleanType to javaee:javaee:true-falseType for all attributes of type boolean that have been added in Servlet 3.0, as per Bill Shannon's recommendation
Revision: 25041
Modified: 02 Mar 18:28 (6 years)
Author: hzhang_jn
Log Entry: Partial fix for issue 7243. Make BeanMethodCalculator a Service so it
Revision: 25036
Modified: 01 Mar 22:55 (6 years)
Author: ksak
Log Entry:
Revision: 25029
Modified: 28 Feb 06:20 (6 years)
Author: dochez
Log Entry: added support for libraries inside ear files.
showing 21 - 30 of 196
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