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Revision: 43027
Modified: 20 Nov 13:09 (6 years)
Author: kumarjayanti
Log Entry: 1.14128 (purging threadlocals) : memory leak issue : change in J2EEInstanceListener to call Realm.Logout which would cleanup the leaking PolicyContext (ThreadLocal data).
Revision: 43021
Modified: 20 Nov 07:08 (6 years)
Author: janey
Log Entry: Set svn property svn:eol-style to files in v3
Revision: 42930
Modified: 18 Nov 18:01 (6 years)
Author: m_potociar
Log Entry: After consultation with Marina, changed the way how the TX log location config value is retrieved to accommodate possible overrides by a system property
Revision: 42929
Modified: 18 Nov 16:51 (6 years)
Author: m_potociar
Log Entry: Removed TX auto-recovery value injection into the Metro WSATRuntimeConfig
Revision: 42928
Modified: 18 Nov 16:46 (6 years)
Author: m_potociar
Log Entry: Added injection of GF TX log location as well as TX auto-recovery value to the Metro WSATRuntimeConfig
Revision: 42926
Modified: 18 Nov 16:02 (6 years)
Author: m_potociar
Log Entry: Added the missing release of a lock after WSAT runtime is configured.
Revision: 42925
Modified: 18 Nov 15:58 (6 years)
Author: m_potociar
Log Entry: Metro TX recovery listener registration logic added
Revision: 42924
Modified: 18 Nov 15:41 (6 years)
Author: m_potociar
Log Entry: Marked WsTxUtils as deprecated
Revision: 42875
Modified: 17 Nov 00:35 (6 years)
Author: jitu
Log Entry: [GLASSFISH-14337] list-webservices command is run only on DAS
Revision: 42859
Modified: 16 Nov 18:40 (6 years)
Author: ramapulavarthi
Log Entry: Adding back the class to see if the CTS regressions in security tests will go away
showing 21 - 30 of 325
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