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Revision: 49321
Modified: 07 Sep 18:30 (3 years)
Author: Cheng Fang
Log Entry: Fix FindBugs warnings, combine the 2 if-else branches in EJBHandler.
Revision: 49314
Modified: 07 Sep 15:06 (3 years)
Author: Cheng Fang
Log Entry: Moved Import-Package: org.glassfish.apf.context entry from ejb-container/osgi.bundle to ejb-connector/osgi.bundle, to fix AIX build error (see issue 10545 for more details).
Revision: 49185
Modified: 02 Sep 02:11 (4 years)
Author: Cheng Fang
Log Entry: Fix some FindBugs errors, changed PostProcessor to PostProcessor, changed various impl classes to implement PostProcessor to avoid cast, remove @Inject ModulesRegistry modulesRegistry; from EjbSniffer, since the same field is already injected in super class. Reviewed by Shing Wai, Hong and Marina.
Revision: 49083
Modified: 29 Aug 14:46 (4 years)
Author: Cheng Fang
Log Entry: Updated copyright year
Revision: 48926
Modified: 19 Aug 15:15 (4 years)
Author: Cheng Fang
Log Entry: Fix issue 17038 3.1.1 deployment performance - ejb container module get loaded for a pure web application. Move annotation handler classes, archivist classes, scanner classes and related from ejb-container to ejb-connector. Reviewed by Hong and Shing Wai, ran QL and ejb devtests.
Revision: 48836
Modified: 17 Aug 06:51 (4 years)
Author: Rajiv Mordani
Log Entry: Merge umc branch into 3.1.2 branch. QL passed. component owners please make sure that all the changes from the umc branch is in the 3.1.2 branch and please start using the 3.1.2 branch.
Revision: 48412
Modified: 28 Jul 19:36 (4 years)
Author: janey
Log Entry: update pom file to version 3.1.2-SNAPSHOT
Revision: 48409
Modified: 28 Jul 18:49 (4 years)
Author: janey
Log Entry: Rename 3.1.1 branch to 3.1.2.
Revision: 47907
Modified: 07 Jul 17:13 (4 years)
Author: mvatkina
Log Entry: Fix for GLASSFISH-16979 - backport of revs 47264 and 47893 from trunk - unset TimerService on shutdown and do not use static refs to EjbContainerUtil instance as it can change in multiple embedded runs in the same VM.
Revision: 47862
Modified: 05 Jul 18:39 (4 years)
Author: mvatkina
Log Entry: Port fix for GLASSFISH-16285 to the branch - skip org.jboss.weld bundles from adding to the libraries.
showing 21 - 30 of 742
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