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Revision: 49895
Modified: 23 Sep 19:31 (3 years)
Author: carlavmott
Log Entry: make sure this command is run on the instances too
Revision: 49894
Modified: 23 Sep 19:25 (3 years)
Author: snjezana
Log Entry: Adding glassfish-paas-gui package to the packager build.
Revision: 49892
Modified: 23 Sep 18:39 (3 years)
Author: Mitesh Meswani
Log Entry: Fix typo in return value of GetScaleDownAction. Reviewed by Carla, Anissa and Mahesh
Revision: 49890
Modified: 23 Sep 18:22 (3 years)
Author: amyroh
Log Entry: Fix maven classloading so jsps compile using embedded jars in the test environment.
Revision: 49889
Modified: 23 Sep 18:12 (3 years)
Author: snjezana
Log Entry: Adding PaaS console module to build sequence.
Revision: 49887
Modified: 23 Sep 16:51 (3 years)
Author: amyroh
Log Entry: Look up default system property if it is not found in server config. This is needed for scale up scenario since it uses default system property so stickiness will work with new instances created without restarting them.
Revision: 49886
Modified: 23 Sep 16:18 (3 years)
Author: sirajg
Log Entry: Remove trinidad poll as partialTriggers does not result in auto update. Add manual Refresh
Revision: 49883
Modified: 23 Sep 14:35 (3 years)
Author: Anissa Lam
Log Entry: Patched version specific for GlassFish Paas Console is treated as external dependency. Moved to under external/modules.
Revision: 49882
Modified: 23 Sep 14:25 (3 years)
Author: Anissa Lam
Log Entry: - Patched trinidad module specific for glassfish is now available in maven repository, changing groupid/artifact to reflect this
Revision: 49881
Modified: 23 Sep 13:08 (3 years)
Author: andriy.zhdanov
Log Entry: configServices: align right spins and fix buttons bottom alignment
showing 21 - 30 of 854
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