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Revision: 50013
Modified: 28 Sep 08:23 (5 years)
Author: sm157516
Log Entry: Adding support for initSQL. The glassfish-services.xml takes a property called "database.init.sql" whose value is the init sql file. The sql statements in this file are executed during the provisioning of derby database.
Revision: 50012
Modified: 28 Sep 07:20 (5 years)
Author: Anissa Lam
Log Entry:
Revision: 50011
Modified: 28 Sep 06:58 (5 years)
Author: Anissa Lam
Log Entry: Add support for configurating RDBMS init-sql-file.
Revision: 50010
Modified: 28 Sep 06:08 (5 years)
Author: Anissa Lam
Log Entry: fix typo.
Revision: 50009
Modified: 28 Sep 05:56 (5 years)
Author: Anissa Lam
Log Entry: Since we are not using random tmp filename, ensure that if the file exist in tmp directory, remove that first.
Revision: 50008
Modified: 28 Sep 04:46 (5 years)
Author: Sivakumar Thyagarajan
Log Entry: A temproary workaround to handle the case where scaleService is not called with the
Revision: 50006
Modified: 28 Sep 03:29 (5 years)
Author: Sahoo
Log Entry: GLASSFISH-17359: Use OSGi instead of OSGI. Thanks to jglick for the patch.
Revision: 50005
Modified: 28 Sep 02:59 (5 years)
Author: hzhang_jn
Log Entry: Set the target appropriately for instance in PaaS scenario so the
Revision: 50004
Modified: 28 Sep 01:20 (5 years)
Author: Anissa Lam
Log Entry: put back debug statement.
Revision: 50003
Modified: 28 Sep 00:01 (5 years)
Author: Anissa Lam
Log Entry: comment out debug statement since the chart is working fine now.
showing 21 - 30 of 912
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