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Revision: 29533
Modified: 22 Jul 01:45 (5 years)
Author: tjquinn
Log Entry: Restore ability to launch app client using the default user-friendly context root (standalone: appName; nested: earAppName/uri-to-client-minus-.jar). Allow administrator to override the default context root and the one defined in the sun-application-client.xml via --properties during deployment.
Revision: 29405
Modified: 19 Jul 01:37 (5 years)
Author: Kohsuke Kawaguchi
Log Entry: Patch for Bug 8611: Unable look up JAXR Resource Adaptor: In order to support the lookup of the JAXR RA in the appclient, add the JAXR jar file to appclient container's classpath
Revision: 29380
Modified: 17 Jul 21:48 (5 years)
Author: tjquinn
Log Entry: Missed file in previous check-in. Apologies.
Revision: 29379
Modified: 17 Jul 21:36 (5 years)
Author: tjquinn
Log Entry: Major check-in for Java Web Start support for app clients. Fixed "relative URI" computation as key for cached content. Fixed date handling in requests and responses. Working around some dependencies on directory-based runtime environment (ACCStartupContext). Provides HTTP and HTTPS readable archive implementations as ReadableArchive implementations that work with the Java Web Start environment. Moved templates to resources directory (instead of java directory) and revised the pom accordingly.
Revision: 29322
Modified: 16 Jul 23:27 (5 years)
Author: Bhakti Mehta
Log Entry: Minor fix in ACC. Tests run few devtests QL
Revision: 29249
Modified: 15 Jul 18:07 (5 years)
Author: tjquinn
Log Entry: Continuing the resource move
Revision: 29248
Modified: 15 Jul 17:59 (5 years)
Author: tjquinn
Log Entry: two-step move of some resources
Revision: 29205
Modified: 15 Jul 01:28 (5 years)
Author: tjquinn
Log Entry: Fix problems when substituting placeholders using Matcher.appendReplacement. (Backslashes on Windows get consumed as quote characters).
Revision: 29193
Modified: 14 Jul 23:32 (5 years)
Author: tjquinn
Log Entry: Bundle dtds and schemas with the ACC so they can be looked up using the class path rather than directory navigation.
Revision: 29017
Modified: 13 Jul 13:40 (5 years)
Author: tjquinn
Log Entry: Send current content of sun-acc[.jws].xml, appclientlogin[.jws].conf, and security.config refererenced from sun-acc.xml in the generated JNLP.
showing 31 - 40 of 173
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