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Revision: 32282
Modified: 05 Oct 23:04 (5 years)
Author: snjezana
Log Entry: Packager build will not build custom copy of javadb IPS package anymore and IPS based distribution assembly will now use official copies of javadb-common, javadb-core and javadb-client IPS packages. Fix for issue# 9384.
Revision: 31589
Modified: 20 Sep 15:14 (5 years)
Author: dochez
Log Entry: Fix for 9610, performance degradation of cli due to hk2
Revision: 31437
Modified: 17 Sep 05:17 (5 years)
Author: dochez
Log Entry: implemented most of asarch feedback on embedded APIs. modified relevant user code of such modified APIsincluding embedded devtets
Revision: 31421
Modified: 16 Sep 22:09 (5 years)
Author: amyroh
Log Entry: Add Assert conditions to indicate test failure if there is a regression in embedded.
Revision: 31287
Modified: 11 Sep 23:50 (5 years)
Author: dochez
Log Entry: javadoc for embedded APIs, one API change for undeploy to allow to pass undeployment parameters.
Revision: 31281
Modified: 11 Sep 22:47 (5 years)
Author: Bill Shannon
Log Entry: Replace "anonymous login" with "login with no password".
Revision: 30991
Modified: 31 Aug 23:11 (5 years)
Author: snjezana
Log Entry: Adding metadata packages to IPS enabled distributions.
Revision: 30933
Modified: 28 Aug 21:23 (5 years)
Author: snjezana
Log Entry: Enabling jar packing of jaxb-osgi.jar for installer distribution payload zip file since the jar file is now normalized.
Revision: 30358
Modified: 12 Aug 11:45 (5 years)
Author: janey
Log Entry: build improvement - add relativePath for the parent artifacts in the pom.xml files. This will help build time since child pom.xml references the parent pom locally instead of remotely via network.
Revision: 30338
Modified: 11 Aug 23:21 (5 years)
Author: snjezana
Log Entry: Upgrade tool integration into packager and web/glassfish distributions. Javahelp jar added to glassfish-common package and excluded from jar compression since it is signed jar. cli-framework temporarily added to glassfish-common, pending dependency removal.
showing 31 - 40 of 519
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