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svn / tags / 3.1-b30 / transaction

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Revision: 40875
Modified: 15 Sep 04:33 (5 years)
Author: mvatkina
Log Entry: Added support for TX-LOG-DIR system property
Revision: 40866
Modified: 15 Sep 02:11 (5 years)
Author: mvatkina
Log Entry: A lot of cleanup to make things a bit more logical. Added finishDelegatedRecovery() method to account
Revision: 40798
Modified: 14 Sep 06:07 (5 years)
Author: janey
Log Entry: Set svn property svn:eol-style to files in v3
Revision: 40790
Modified: 14 Sep 00:34 (5 years)
Author: mvatkina
Log Entry: Do not do RecoveryEventListener callbacks twice (from ResourceRecoveryManagerImpl & GMSCallBack), but leave code that would allow the former to fire callback events when notify flag is set to true.
Revision: 40762
Modified: 13 Sep 18:00 (5 years)
Author: mvatkina
Log Entry: Next step in delegated transaction recovery support - added file based fencing.
Revision: 40758
Modified: 13 Sep 17:40 (5 years)
Author: Cheng Fang
Log Entry: issue 13108 (Cycle in our component chain involving GlassFishNamingManager and TransactionNamingProxy); QL and tests/osgi-javaee/osgi-web passed.
Revision: 40736
Modified: 13 Sep 11:20 (5 years)
Author: Dies
Log Entry: Submitted by: Dies Koper
Revision: 40544
Modified: 08 Sep 01:37 (5 years)
Author: mvatkina
Log Entry: Create recoverylockfile when recoveryfile is created. QL passed.
Revision: 40465
Modified: 04 Sep 00:30 (5 years)
Author: mvatkina
Log Entry: Next step in GMS integration for automatic delegated recovery. No propper locking/fencing is implemented yet.
Revision: 40462
Modified: 04 Sep 00:06 (5 years)
Author: Bill Shannon
Log Entry: Remove old copyrights and update some copyrights.
showing 31 - 40 of 220
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