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Revision: 21198
Modified: 09 Jul 21:06 (8 years)
Author: tjquinn
Log Entry: Convert HTTP URL format for admin commands to use & to separate options (rather than ? as previously). Continuing to support ? temporarily until the NB plug-in adapts to this latest change.
Revision: 21172
Modified: 07 Jul 10:35 (8 years)
Author: Sahoo
Log Entry: Made the following changes:
Revision: 21158
Modified: 02 Jul 18:29 (8 years)
Author: bnevins
Log Entry: Pointless code change to make FindBugs happy.
Revision: 21157
Modified: 02 Jul 18:15 (8 years)
Author: bnevins
Log Entry: Removed dead store
Revision: 21145
Modified: 27 Jun 20:10 (8 years)
Author: dochez
Log Entry: bumped up hk2 and glassfish api versions
Revision: 21090
Modified: 19 Jun 23:36 (8 years)
Author: Shing Wai Chan
Log Entry: Sync up with tomcat on cgi, ssi and shtml info in default-web.xml
Revision: 21044
Modified: 14 Jun 19:30 (8 years)
Author: tjquinn
Log Entry: Upload files as ZipEntry objects in the POST request's stream. Permits uploading multiple files in one request as well as conveying the file name and type in the upload.
Revision: 21015
Modified: 10 Jun 19:38 (8 years)
Author: hzhang_jn
Log Entry: Second check in for re-organizing the workspace with a top level
Revision: 20998
Modified: 09 Jun 20:43 (8 years)
Author: hzhang_jn
Log Entry: Initial check in for providing deployment plan support. This check in
Revision: 20996
Modified: 09 Jun 18:19 (8 years)
Author: hzhang_jn
Log Entry: First check in of re-organizing workspace under a top level deployment
showing 31 - 40 of 414
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