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Revision: 49892
Modified: 23 Sep 18:39 (3 years)
Author: Mitesh Meswani
Log Entry: Fix typo in return value of GetScaleDownAction. Reviewed by Carla, Anissa and Mahesh
Revision: 49856
Modified: 22 Sep 17:48 (3 years)
Author: jr158900
Log Entry: Bug fixes to List services such that GUI's required format is met.
Revision: 49853
Modified: 22 Sep 15:39 (3 years)
Author: hzhang_jn
Log Entry: Additional changes for target validation (reject
Revision: 49851
Modified: 22 Sep 12:02 (3 years)
Author: kshitiz_saxena
Log Entry: Fix to call clean on template customizer only if it exists
Revision: 49849
Modified: 22 Sep 08:05 (3 years)
Author: bhavanishankar
Log Entry: Temporarily commenting validateSpecifiedTarget.
Revision: 49845
Modified: 22 Sep 06:55 (3 years)
Author: carlavmott
Log Entry: add scale-down action and alert that checks if memory usage is <20% scale down if that is true. We no longer scale down on the ok state
Revision: 49841
Modified: 22 Sep 03:39 (3 years)
Author: mk111283
Log Entry: Normalize timestamp of data collected in MetricGatherer (for cloud console). Also make the Threadpool thread deamon so that ejb embedded tests can pass
Revision: 49840
Modified: 22 Sep 02:13 (3 years)
Author: hzhang_jn
Log Entry: Optimize the application loading during server start up: we will not
Revision: 49838
Modified: 21 Sep 23:50 (3 years)
Author: carlavmott
Log Entry: make sure commands work in laptop mode when elasticity is not there. Checked that these also work in native mode when elasticity is enabled and disabled.
Revision: 49833
Modified: 21 Sep 22:37 (3 years)
Author: dochez
Log Entry: fixed issue forcing restart of the appserver after adding virtualization information
showing 31 - 40 of 424
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