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Revision: 857
Modified: 29 Jun 18:06 (11 years)
Author: davenull
Log Entry: IN=75138, Port query tests from old persistence component to persistence-impl as JUnit tests, reviewed by Michael, all JUnit runtime tests passing
Revision: 841
Modified: 28 Jun 22:41 (11 years)
Author: mvatkina
Log Entry: IN=75291 StateManager.setPCClass for direct copy of oid values: duplicate
Revision: 839
Modified: 28 Jun 21:36 (11 years)
Author: davenull
Log Entry: IN=75288, Simplify handling of projections, reviewed by Jielin, passes all runtime JUnit tests.
Revision: 828
Modified: 28 Jun 15:01 (11 years)
Author: mb124283
Log Entry: IN=75276 - Add remove methods to model factories; reviewed by Rochelle Raccah.
Revision: 818
Modified: 27 Jun 21:41 (11 years)
Author: tcfujii
Log Entry: Issue number: CDDL header updates.
Revision: 776
Modified: 25 Jun 04:26 (11 years)
Author: dpatil
Log Entry: Updating glassfish/bootstrap module to replace glassfish/glassfish as per feedback and Usability purpose. Tests Ran: Complete bootstrap-all build from glassfish/bootstrap and appserv, appserv-ee
Revision: 742
Modified: 24 Jun 23:39 (11 years)
Author: mvatkina
Log Entry: IN=75131 Change QueryFactory to generate getFinder with id fields in the
Revision: 732
Modified: 24 Jun 21:08 (11 years)
Author: davenull
Log Entry: IN=74892, Improve query testing, reviewed by Michael, all runtime JUnit tests pass
Revision: 724
Modified: 24 Jun 18:17 (11 years)
Author: mf125085
Log Entry: IN=73999 - Add support for non-managed relationships mapped to foreign keys
Revision: 718
Modified: 24 Jun 08:34 (11 years)
Author: prasads
Log Entry: Issue number: 74599
showing 31 - 40 of 136
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