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Revision: 42408
Modified: 03 Nov 04:47 (4 years)
Author: mvatkina
Log Entry: Make sure ownerIdOfThisServer_ is set, even if config failed to be processed. serverName_ was exactly the same as ownerIdOfThisServer_
Revision: 42407
Modified: 03 Nov 04:41 (4 years)
Author: mvatkina
Log Entry: Fail EJB Timer Service deployment, and a user timeout application if timer resource is not available.
Revision: 42282
Modified: 28 Oct 23:47 (4 years)
Author: mvatkina
Log Entry: Fix for 11528 - do not override toString() method.
Revision: 42266
Modified: 28 Oct 20:21 (4 years)
Author: mvatkina
Log Entry: Remove v2 timers after upgrade. To preserve such timers, bean unique ids need to be preserved. If the latter becomes available, the call to destroyAllTimers for appid 0 should be removed.
Revision: 42265
Modified: 28 Oct 20:07 (4 years)
Author: Chris Kasso
Log Entry: [Issue 14275] [other] Allow list*/get* commands to execute on a locked domain
Revision: 42258
Modified: 28 Oct 17:50 (4 years)
Author: Cheng Fang
Log Entry: issue 13004 Support MDB singleton; add dol processing for enterprise-beans:property; add a property flag (singleton-bean-pool); modify NonBlockingPool constructors, getObject, returnObject & destroyObject to support single-instance pool.
Revision: 42204
Modified: 27 Oct 16:36 (4 years)
Author: mvatkina
Log Entry: No need to start an explicit transaction around bean invocation.
Revision: 42203
Modified: 27 Oct 16:34 (4 years)
Author: mvatkina
Log Entry: Set APPLICATIONID default to 0.
Revision: 42101
Modified: 25 Oct 20:47 (4 years)
Author: mk111283
Log Entry: Fix for 12378. Siva also independently verified this. Ran QL and devtests
Revision: 42073
Modified: 25 Oct 15:50 (4 years)
Author: m_potociar
Log Entry: Integrated Metro 2.1-b17
showing 41 - 50 of 695
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