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Revision: 25581
Modified: 22 Mar 11:47 (8 years)
Author: ksak
Log Entry: -- Integrate orb b018 with fixes to support running in OSGI mode
Revision: 25579
Modified: 21 Mar 21:39 (8 years)
Author: tjquinn
Log Entry: Tolerate the display-name-based search if the app client does not contain an application-client.xml (which is where the display-name would be specified).
Revision: 25533
Modified: 19 Mar 21:05 (8 years)
Author: tjquinn
Log Entry: Implement the get-client-stubs command. I generalized the downloaded-file handling from DeployCommand to reuse it from GetClientStubsCommand.
Revision: 25472
Modified: 17 Mar 13:11 (8 years)
Author: tjquinn
Log Entry: Correct the handling of the special case in which we run the first app client in an EAR facade if the user does not specify either a main class or an app client name on which we can match
Revision: 25462
Modified: 17 Mar 05:32 (8 years)
Author: tjquinn
Log Entry: Several improvements: EAR handling; APPCPATH compatibility.
Revision: 25456
Modified: 17 Mar 03:06 (8 years)
Author: Cheng Fang
Log Entry: Correct the logic to search for Main-Class in appclient.jar; add support for embedded appclient deployment; reviewed by Tim; ran QL & manual tests
Revision: 25448
Modified: 17 Mar 01:23 (8 years)
Author: snjezana
Log Entry: Removed extra appclient scripts.
Revision: 25447
Modified: 17 Mar 01:22 (8 years)
Author: snjezana
Log Entry: Fixed appclient script location within the distribution fragment.
Revision: 25429
Modified: 16 Mar 19:50 (8 years)
Author: tjquinn
Log Entry: Re-enable earlier disabled test now that I'm including the test data file the test needs
Revision: 25428
Modified: 16 Mar 19:46 (8 years)
Author: tjquinn
Log Entry: Fine-tune command argument handling, add some logging.
showing 41 - 50 of 89
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