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Revision: 39194
Modified: 29 Jul 18:41 (6 years)
Author: Bobby Bissett
Log Entry: Updating to version 1.5.6 of shoal. Changes reviewed by Jane and Snjezana.
Revision: 39164
Modified: 28 Jul 18:44 (6 years)
Author: Tom Mueller
Log Entry: added default value for adminConsoleDownloadLocation to default-config so that domain.xml is not written for the sole purpose of setting that value.
Revision: 39099
Modified: 27 Jul 13:40 (6 years)
Author: janey
Log Entry: Add maven-resources-plugin:2.4.3 in pluginManagement. It is referenced in packager/pom.xml.
Revision: 39085
Modified: 26 Jul 23:34 (6 years)
Author: snjezana
Log Entry: Updating corba package version to match new integration.
Revision: 39082
Modified: 26 Jul 22:25 (6 years)
Author: janey
Log Entry: remove this template file since it's moved to resources diretory.
Revision: 39081
Modified: 26 Jul 22:23 (6 years)
Author: janey
Log Entry: Maven currently executes the "maven-antrun-extended-plugin" twice since it's defined in packager/pom.xml and packager//pom.xml thus, pack.compression target is called twice. To fix this, I replaced "maven-antrun-extended-plugin" in packager/pom.xml with "maven-resources-plugin". The "maven-resources-plugin" applies filtering to and copies to another directory. This change will require file to be renamed to and placed in the packager/resources directory. The token "@BUILD_ID@" is replaced with the property "${}".
Revision: 38918
Modified: 21 Jul 00:15 (6 years)
Author: Joe Fialli
Log Entry: Integrate shoal-gms that has fix for gf it 12730.
Revision: 38845
Modified: 19 Jul 22:31 (6 years)
Author: snjezana
Log Entry: Adding load-balancer-admin module to glassfish-cluster package.
Revision: 38839
Modified: 19 Jul 21:18 (6 years)
Author: Bobby Bissett
Log Entry: Changes to pick up 1.5.4 release of shoal. pom changes reviewed by Jane, reminder to do pkg_conf by Snjezana :)
Revision: 38834
Modified: 19 Jul 19:48 (6 years)
Author: snjezana
Log Entry: Adding schema2beans jar to glassfish-common package since it is now shared
showing 41 - 50 of 564
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