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Revision: 43722
Modified: 11 Dec 18:53 (4 years)
Author: Tom Mueller
Log Entry: issue 14720 - make the list-instances command output the restart-required state of an instance even if
Revision: 43700
Modified: 11 Dec 00:39 (4 years)
Author: jfdipol
Log Entry: 15103 update-node-config allows modification of built-in localhost node
Revision: 43693
Modified: 10 Dec 21:55 (4 years)
Author: Bhakti Mehta
Log Entry: Fix for issue 14989 putting in these changes right now so if there are issues they can be identified earlier. Next I am co-ordinating the changes for issue 14990. Tests run ql and admin devtests
Revision: 43673
Modified: 10 Dec 17:11 (4 years)
Author: jfdipol
Log Entry: 15070 "localhost" is not added during upgrade from v2 developer profile to 3.1
Revision: 43649
Modified: 10 Dec 02:10 (4 years)
Author: Rajiv Mordani
Log Entry: Revert part of Joe's changes for quoting the string for the zip file to make the default case work
Revision: 43648
Modified: 10 Dec 01:17 (4 years)
Author: jc129909
Log Entry: GLASSFISH-14987 a second domain would have an unusable localhost node (unless a different nodedir is specified). We decided to change the domain.xml template to create the default node as localhost-.
Revision: 43627
Modified: 09 Dec 18:40 (4 years)
Author: jfdipol
Log Entry: Fix SSH code to handle spaces in paths.
Revision: 43622
Modified: 09 Dec 16:11 (4 years)
Author: yaminikb
Log Entry: 15020: Fixed install-node to remove archive zip file name from the list of files
Revision: 43605
Modified: 09 Dec 06:01 (4 years)
Author: tjquinn
Log Entry: Fix for 14993
Revision: 43573
Modified: 08 Dec 14:44 (4 years)
Author: yaminikb
Log Entry: 14976: Clean up the generated archive in case of failure
showing 41 - 50 of 652
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