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svn / tags / fighterfish-releases / org.glassfish.fighterfish.osgi-web-container-1.0.3

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Revision: 42479
Modified: 05 Nov 03:47 (3 years)
Author: Bill Shannon
Log Entry: Exclude a FindBugs error in this module.
Revision: 42346
Modified: 31 Oct 06:06 (3 years)
Author: janey
Log Entry: Set svn property svn:eol-style to files in v3
Revision: 42334
Modified: 30 Oct 17:46 (3 years)
Author: Sahoo
Log Entry: Issue #11636: Adding a custom faces annotation provider. This provider completely overrides the default provider of mojarra. Our provider uses the annotation parser's classmodel prepared by deployment backend, so it is quite fast. We should be able to move it into glassfish/mojarra intergation module so that it can be used during any jsf based app deplopyment (issue 14295). Also implemented a mechanism in WABClassLoader to hide matainf services and we are now using it to hide all the custom mojarra providers including the new annotation provider.
Revision: 42333
Modified: 30 Oct 16:15 (3 years)
Author: Sahoo
Log Entry: Issue #12914: Configure our custom faces config provider to exclude META-INF/faces-config.xml and added more comments in the code in addition to substiting sout by logger
Revision: 42332
Modified: 30 Oct 16:02 (3 years)
Author: Sahoo
Log Entry: Issue #14293: Remove an intermediate class loader so that WAB resources won't be returned twice.
Revision: 42244
Modified: 28 Oct 06:10 (3 years)
Author: Sahoo
Log Entry: Issue #14123: We were not correctly mapping an OSGi bundle with non-default Bundle-ClassPath
Revision: 42243
Modified: 28 Oct 05:56 (3 years)
Author: Sahoo
Log Entry: Issue 14266: Override getResourceFromJar method because StandardContext and DefaultServlet calls this method to find resource in WEB-INF/lib/jars
Revision: 41937
Modified: 21 Oct 19:04 (3 years)
Author: hzhang_jn
Log Entry: Issue 11764. Support absolute URL for Class-Path attribute in the
Revision: 41530
Modified: 08 Oct 11:19 (3 years)
Author: janey
Log Entry: IT 13614
Revision: 41155
Modified: 27 Sep 20:56 (3 years)
Author: Sahoo
Log Entry: Fix dependency of eventadmin so that osgi.core and compendium bundles don't become part of distribution
showing 41 - 50 of 113
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