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Revision: 22912
Modified: 24 Sep 04:38 (7 years)
Author: carlavmott
Log Entry: don't create file for 6164 bug fix
Revision: 22910
Modified: 24 Sep 02:36 (7 years)
Author: tjquinn
Log Entry: Changes for app management to reflect outcome of review meeting of 9/22/2008. Attach to instead of . Remove type attribute from application-config. domain.xml will record only changes to the configurable items in the descriptor: the user can change the value of an existing item in the descriptor, add a new item to the runtime environment that was not in the descriptor, and indicate that a descriptor item should be ignore (not made part of the app's runtime environment).
Revision: 22906
Modified: 23 Sep 23:13 (7 years)
Author: dochez
Log Entry: Added ability to specify deployment properties on the CLI or REST access to pass to individual deployers
Revision: 22902
Modified: 23 Sep 21:54 (7 years)
Author: carlavmott
Log Entry: work around for bug 6164
Revision: 22894
Modified: 23 Sep 21:17 (7 years)
Author: janey
Log Entry: remove deployment manpages from core/kernel
Revision: 22887
Modified: 23 Sep 20:22 (7 years)
Author: ne110415
Log Entry: Issue 6206 fixed. Manpage moved
Revision: 22885
Modified: 23 Sep 19:58 (7 years)
Author: msreddy
Log Entry: issue# 6089, add prefix to the list of config. returned by list command, reviewed by Jerome, passed quicklook
Revision: 22875
Modified: 23 Sep 01:04 (7 years)
Author: msreddy
Log Entry: issue# 6232, provided support for osgi bundle fragment for oem branding, passed quicklook and sanity checks
Revision: 22854
Modified: 22 Sep 18:54 (7 years)
Author: Anissa Lam
Log Entry: issue# 6203; Delay getting the downloaded version of 'glassfish-gui' ips package from postConstruct() till the request of admin console actually comes in.
Revision: 22853
Modified: 22 Sep 17:28 (7 years)
Author: pa100654
Log Entry: Issue #: 6026
showing 41 - 50 of 770
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