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Revision: 49831
Modified: 21 Sep 21:24 (4 years)
Author: hzhang_jn
Log Entry: Set the target value based on the domain.xml when loading up PaaS
Revision: 49826
Modified: 21 Sep 19:06 (4 years)
Author: snjezana
Log Entry: Incremental nucleus dependency cleanup - replacing grizzly content with consolidated
Revision: 49820
Modified: 21 Sep 18:36 (4 years)
Author: bnevins
Log Entry: Added windows-domain attribute which is needed by DCOM commands.
Revision: 49816
Modified: 21 Sep 18:10 (4 years)
Author: dochez
Log Entry: better failure handling and some refactoring.
Revision: 49815
Modified: 21 Sep 18:09 (4 years)
Author: bnevins
Log Entry: 1) removed unused protected method that was supplanted last night by a new method
Revision: 49814
Modified: 21 Sep 17:17 (4 years)
Author: dochez
Log Entry: fixed headers
Revision: 49812
Modified: 21 Sep 16:43 (4 years)
Author: hzhang_jn
Log Entry: Add the target validation for the specified target. We will reject
Revision: 49811
Modified: 21 Sep 16:12 (4 years)
Author: Bobby Bissett
Log Entry: Change to create decorator to set gms listener port property when multicast is not being used. This currently sets the port to the same as the port for the das. Without this, instances can start up on other ports and thus won't be found by the das when it restarts.
Revision: 49803
Modified: 21 Sep 13:23 (4 years)
Author: kshitiz_saxena
Log Entry: Modified to exclude listener where AJP protocol has been enabled
Revision: 49800
Modified: 21 Sep 11:14 (4 years)
Author: Sivakumar Thyagarajan
Log Entry: Set virtual-cluster on ProvisionedServices during CPAS restarts
showing 41 - 50 of 424
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