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Revision: 51234
Modified: 01 Dec 18:14 (3 years)
Author: bnevins
Log Entry: Update (C) year.
Revision: 51233
Modified: 01 Dec 17:14 (3 years)
Author: yaminikb
Log Entry: Added a new remote command _setup-ssh
Revision: 51230
Modified: 01 Dec 15:42 (3 years)
Author: Jason Lee
Log Entry: Port of fix for GLASSFISH-17867 to trunk.
Revision: 51227
Modified: 01 Dec 14:01 (3 years)
Author: Sahoo
Log Entry: GLASSFISH-17577: [IBM JDK7]All the appclient related test cases failed on AIX against IBM JDK1.7
Revision: 51226
Modified: 01 Dec 07:50 (3 years)
Author: Sahoo
Log Entry: GLASSFISH-17743 - Remove duplicate property definition
Revision: 51224
Modified: 01 Dec 06:47 (3 years)
Author: sm157516
Log Entry: Fixing JIRA 17872. When a REST client sends a request with X-GlassFish-authToken header, the backend REST request processor is fixed to pass the authToken to the admin backend. As of now, admin rejects such request with a 403: forbidden message.
Revision: 51222
Modified: 01 Dec 04:59 (3 years)
Author: sm157516
Log Entry: REST enabling register-virtual-machine and register-startup commands for usage in the Non Java EE templates. Fixing as part of JIRA 17870.
Revision: 51219
Modified: 01 Dec 01:18 (3 years)
Author: jfdipol
Log Entry: Fix 17858 Failed start-instance on SSH reports "null" for command executed
Revision: 51218
Modified: 01 Dec 00:46 (3 years)
Author: Shing Wai Chan
Log Entry: fix a potential NPE
Revision: 51212
Modified: 30 Nov 21:04 (3 years)
Author: Sahoo
Log Entry: GLASSFISH-17833: Reorganized the code to not only work around GLASSFISH-17847, but also be cleaner.
showing 41 - 50 of 1472
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