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svn / branches / bearfish / security / pom.xml

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Revision: 20995
Modified: 09 Jun 14:19 (7 years)
Author: jfarcand
Log Entry: Create a branch for the bearfish Servlet Container, switch to Grizzly SNAPSHOT.
Revision: 18995
Modified: 19 Mar 11:07 (7 years)
Author: kumarjayanti
Log Entry: moving classes used by other security modules into common module. This would break the dependency of "realms" module on core/security when we try to move all realm impl classes (certificate realm etc) into the "realms" module.
Revision: 18533
Modified: 05 Mar 14:59 (7 years)
Author: kumarjayanti
Log Entry: Adding toplevel security module
showing 1 - 3 of 3
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