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Revision: 26708
Modified: 29 Apr 14:59 (5 years)
Author: jfarcand
Log Entry: New branch for performance work and pre-integration testing
Revision: 26082
Modified: 10 Apr 20:46 (5 years)
Author: Bhakti Mehta
Log Entry: Fix for url pattern computation for ejb webservice endpoint. Also fixed the scripts and cleanup of unused wsgen code tests run QL, ejb webservice devtest and basic 109 tests
Revision: 26072
Modified: 10 Apr 17:07 (5 years)
Author: Bhakti Mehta
Log Entry: Added glassfish scripts as a distribution fragment. Added the registration of ejb endpoints to Servlet adapter, removed wsgen so that it is done dynamically by jaxws 2.2 Fixed the tester Tests run QL basic 109 and ejb webservices
showing 1 - 3 of 3
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