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Revision: 57293
Modified: 05 Dec 14:08 (4 years)
Author: java_re
Log Entry: revert tags dir
Revision: 30609
Modified: 20 Aug 04:16 (7 years)
Author: tcfujii
Log Entry: Moving 3.0-b60 branch to a tag.
Revision: 30608
Modified: 20 Aug 04:15 (7 years)
Author: tcfujii
Log Entry: Checking in 3.0-b60 pom.xml updates.
Revision: 30581
Modified: 19 Aug 17:34 (7 years)
Author: tcfujii
Log Entry: Creating 3.0-b60 branch.
Revision: 30358
Modified: 12 Aug 11:45 (7 years)
Author: janey
Log Entry: build improvement - add relativePath for the parent artifacts in the pom.xml files. This will help build time since child pom.xml references the parent pom locally instead of remotely via network.
Revision: 28413
Modified: 01 Jul 22:23 (7 years)
Author: llc
Log Entry: Removed defunct modules amx-api and amx-impl, updating varous pom.xml and tests.
Revision: 28312
Modified: 30 Jun 13:57 (7 years)
Author: tjquinn
Log Entry: Full infrastructure support (no GUI yet) for application management (post-deployment customization of app's config). Many of these changes and additions provide for the web-specific env-entry and context-param customization, including web-app-specific commands. Others revise some of the logic involved in deployment and loading so that customized configuration information (stored in domain.xml and therefore the in-memory configuration) survives redeployment. (Some earlier check-ins moved the ApplicationConfig child from Application to Engine. This check-in also removes a few obsolete vestiges of app mgt from Application.)
Revision: 25810
Modified: 01 Apr 19:11 (7 years)
Author: amyroh
Log Entry: Fixed javadoc warnings
Revision: 24657
Modified: 09 Feb 05:34 (8 years)
Author: Sahoo
Log Entry: Fix for
Revision: 23482
Modified: 17 Oct 17:17 (8 years)
Author: Sahoo
Log Entry: Porting rev #23437 from v3-prelude-release branch to trunk.
showing 1 - 10 of 22
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